Nadezhda Demidova

Nadezhda Demidova
Born in St Petersburg in 1970.
Nadezhda got interested in arts and crafts under her elders’ influence – all women in the family were handicrafters. Started making her first jewelry when she was eleven.
Graduated as a technician (Baltic State Technical University) and a scholar (Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts). Undertook an internship in National Pushkin Museum (Pushkin’s house at Moika 12) and in State Hermitage Museum. Studied jewelry, antique-trade, antique collecting and exhibition management, arts and crafts and principles of presenting them.
From 1994 to 2009 worked in jewelry trade in various styles and movements, run the gamut of the trade from entry-level employee to superior positions. Worked at international specialized exhibitions.
In 2015 Nadezhda founded JEWELRY LAB — a jewelry boutique in Dukley Art Community in Kotor, where she presents jewelry created designers from various countries.
JEWELRY LAB’s concept is offering jewelry made of precious stones and metals, and also contemporary materials combined with traditional techniques. The main assortment of goods in JEWELRY LAB are unique or limited issue handmade items.