Bububu-2. Crngrn Jrnl. Issue 23. Open Air Art Gallery in Old Town Budva

The project “Open Air Art Gallery” has been launched in Old Town Budva: eight 1-week long exhibitions wth reprints of artworks put in the ancient streets around Vuka Karadžića. The participants are six locals (although I do not know how many are Montenegrins, and how many are Serbians) and two Russians living in Budva, Polina Izvekova and Dmitry Sher. The first exhibition to open (last Thursday) was that of Milice Jović.  Her Dadaist collages the size of vinyl record boxes were moderately provoking and softly hinting on the conventional values of the previous century. Quite a neat way to start.

bububu23 8 kartinok
They say the next projects will be more radical. The second exhibition, a solo show by Daliborka Kordic, will open on September 10 at half past seven, and there is a promise of a “faerie performance” at eight, which I personally am going to show up for. I do not know whether it’s going to be as spectacular as this picture, but it is worth checking out anyway.

The project has been initiated by a group of Russians from BIBObar (Xenia Benevolenskaya, Misha Ruban, Sasha Butsynov, Anastasia Klimova). This coffee, lemonade, juice & cocktail bar has been there for six months only, yet it has already changed owners (some Russians came to replace other Russians), and it has always tried to draw public by some art campaigns. They have held here – of course, not at the tiny bar, but here in the sense of “nearby” in the adjacent Vuka Karadžića square, — exhibitions of all sorts, they celebrated Brodsky’s anniversary, demonstrated movie shorts etc. This project has the greatest sweep both in terms of the number of events and the number of organizers. The list of artists has been made by Elena Papovic (of the local “Studio” gallery) and Sveta Sher. One municipal organization, the Tourist Organization of Budva, has provided some petty cash to pay for making the reprints. The student online radio known under the romantic name of “KRS” is helping with the advertising, Dušanka Seratlić from Podgorica has helped design the invitations and bills of events. As a result, the first exhibition was literally engulfed in visitors. Keep it up!
bubu23 baba

I am such a fan of BIBObar in this story not only because it is managed by a bunch of good friends of mine and not only because what they do is nice. I used to deal with public catering and I know how tedious and tiring it is, especially when you are a “small business”, and we are dealing with a business that is nice to the taste (in addition to various drinks, the bar offers a whole bunch of neat souvenirs, like Yulia Khodeeva’s birdies), I really want it to go on. There is also a theoretical interest: how capable are “cultural mechanisms” of maintaining the “normal” forms of life and of helping you serve lemonade.  I believe that 99 percent of my readers are those who strive to bring culture into everyday life, like by way of erecting some sort of a construction that benefits everyone from an artist to a man in the street. This is why I want these guys to make it. Come to the exhibition, visit the bar, spend one euro on a coffee please.

One more important thing is the contact of the Russian and the local public. Those who live in MNE know that this contact is rarely extremely productive and strong, even if there is good will and mutual attraction on both sides. They may come to visit one and the same event, but they will hardly mingle. This Open Air Art Gallery at least provides for a lengthy stay of the Russian and the Montenegrin crowds within one exhibition space, thus giving a good chance to those who are keen about integration and assimilation, why not. There are some pretty Montenegrin folks out there.


May be this is not needed, but it look nice. Here is an invitation in Serbian: “U četvrtak, 10. septembra, u Starom gradu u Budvi biće otvorena izložba slika i crteža Daliborke Kordić, a ona će izvesti i performans. Radovi koje će Daliborka predstaviti se zovu OB — SESSION i CORPO — MENTE, a karakterišu ih snažni likovni i emotivni kontrasti. Ovo je druga izložba u okviru OAA projekta, a biće otvorena u četvrtak u 19.30h, dok će se performans izvesti u 20h.»

Vyacheslav Kuritsyn