20 Ноя Ivan Tuzov / Montenegrin Notes

Montenegro has met the sun, warm pebbles, mussels stuck to the pier, silhouetted endless "black mountain", these endless silhouette that amaze the whole country consists of mountains; met "crazy" serpentine that already captures the spirit, when he went on the bus and at the turn felt differential gravity, surprisingly beautiful...

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26 Окт Ivan Plusch / HAVE A GOOD REST

"Have a good rest" Skoro svaki čovjek teži da se odmori pored mora. Posebno ljudi koji žive u megapolisima. Svako pokušava da pronađe rajske kutke na različitim mjestima na planeti, da se nađe u samim njedrima prirode. [foogallery id="19902"] [vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] Pomisao o odmoru pored mora je praznik koji se uvijek...

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06 Окт Second Life

Jesus Touch. 2014 Alexei Shulgin, Aristarkh Chernyshev Here is a simple instruction: 1. Get a smartphone or a tablet, launch a browser 2. Search for "Crucifixion" 3. Select "Images" 4. Start scrolling with your finger Now you are touching all those crucifixions, hundreds of them. Technology does not care about meanings of...

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What serves as the proof of reality and legitimacy of our stay in a certain place ­ the selfie, a post card with a stamp, the crossed­out days in a death calendar ...

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03 Окт Waterline

An exhibition-installation entitled "Waterline" is assembled from a collection of works united by a common idea of synergy aesthetics. I wanted to create the atmosphere in which you can see and feel different boundary conditions: a blend of elements, fractal self-similarity of micro and macro,...

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