15 Сен Sasha Makarska | Montenegrin Retablos

The thanksgiving retablo (exvoto) pictures are generally ordered from artists to reward the saint for a miracle, which happened to people or their families. It is often gratitude for the healing, salvation from shipwreck, that everything is going well with work.  But someone thanks that...

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23 Авг Mikhail Kosolapov | Balkanautica

Mikhail Kosolapov , "Balkanavtika" (Balkan  astronautics)  The project of the monument to the first Montenegrin astronaut . A flying sculpture (office equipment, buttons, fishing line, video, soundtracks) Soundtrack-Andrey Suchilin (mix of recordings of radio telescopes and Balkan rhythms) video-Mikhail Kosolapov, Andrey Bazyuta Why do we strive...

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26 Июл ARTOMAT is a system for the automated production of art. Select an object, apply certain methods to it, combine it with another object, place it in an appropriate space, and your unique work is ready! In our era, there are evermore products, both material and virtual,...

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