Aleksander Cheparuhin

Aleksander Cheparuhin

Aleksander Cheparuhin

Russian music producer, promoter, publisher

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Alexander Cheparukhin,

Russian music producer, international festivals’ artistic director, winner of many Russian and international music awards. The only person from Easten Europe who has received prestigious annual international WOMEX AWARD «Professional Excellence» (Thessalonki 2012), 7 Herald Angel Awards for his programs in Edinburgh Festival Fringe, many Russian media awards.

Festival activity:

1996 — artistic director of «One World» festival in Red Square, Moscow

1996 — artistic director of «Silk Road Music» program in the Festival of Asian Arts (Hong Kong)

1998-2001 — initiator and producer of GreenWave Festivals in Moscow

1998-1999 — co-producer of «East Winds» series in Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 7 Herald Angel Awards.

Artistic director of Russian program in Niigata World Music Festival, Japan, 2002

2003: Producer of «X-Block Reunion Festival» of music of ex-USSR and Eastern Europe, London (Opening concert — joint show of Alim Qasimov and ensemble from Azerbaijan. Djivan Gasparyan and ensemble from Armenia, Sergey Starostin and Sergey Klevensky from Moscow)

2004: Artistic director of «60th Parallel» in Surgut, Tyumen Region, West Siberia

2006-2011 — producer of Viva Cuba! annual festival in Moscow

Since 2008 ещ 2012 — artistic director of Creation of Peace Festival in Kazan, Tatarstan. The biggest festival in Russia (from 150,000 to 250,000 every year). In 2012 the 5th festival was moved to Perm

Since 2006 — artistic director of Sayan Ring Festival (world music) in Shushenskoe, Krasnoyarsk Region, East Siberia. In 2012 the festival changed the name to Mir Sibiri

2009 — 2014: projects in Perm, Urals — with it’s unique cultural policy of «Cultural Capital of Russia»:

— artistic director and producer of «Made in Perm» series (unique Perm projects, created and rehearsed in Perm, with world premiere in Perm) : «Children of The Otter» by Vladimir Martynov with Huun Huur Tu, Vladimir Martynov, Opus Posth! Ensemble, Michail Stepanich and Mlada Perm academic choir; staging of «Dido» of Henry Percell in Perm Opera, with Michael Nyman’s Prologue commissioned by GreenWave for this unique version (directed by Natalia Anastasieva, music director and conductor Theodore Kurentzis, libretto by Vera Pavlova)

— artistic director and producer of «Legends and New Heroes» series in Perm: King Crimson Festival, Michael Nyman Festival, Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull with Moscow Opus Posth Ensemble and unique Earth-Space collaboration with help of Russian Space Agency (US astronaut Cathrine Coleman played flute along with Jethro Tull and Opus Posth — they on Earth in Perm Philharmonic Hall, Cathrine — in space in Russian orbital station, it happened on 12th April — 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight)

— artistic director and producer of GogolFest-Perm (Festival of Ukrainian Music and Theatre)

— artistic director and producer of Music of Freedom (Perm festival of street musicians with final show with Manu Chao and other known musicians)

— artistic director and producer of Dvizhenie (Movement) Festival — annual big music festival in Perm

Several Russian media awards for «best concert», «best event», «contribution to festival movement» etc

2015 — Producer and artistic director of Dukley Music Fest (Montenegro) with international joint project MonteSteppe and artists from Russia (Moscow, Tuva, Bashkortostan, Buryatia), Ukraine, Montenegro, USA, Canada, Germany, Canada, Italy, Finland)

— Russian promoter of many artists from all over the world: Kraftwerk, John Fogerty, King Crimson, Brian Wilson, Patti Smith, Kaiser Chiefs, Public Image Limited, Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Kronos Quartet, John Zorn, Jethro Tull, John McLaughlin & Remember Shakti, Amadou & Mariam, Brian Eno, Van Der Graaf Generator, Fairport Convention, Marc Almond, Skin, Jon Anderson, Caetano Veloso, Omara Portuondo, Buena Vista Social Club, Cubanisimo, Sierra Maestra, Roberto Fonseca, Septeto Nacional, Molotov, Los De Abajo, David Sylvian, John Cale, Dissidenten, Fnaiire, Farafina, Mike Patton & Fantomas, Adrian Belew Power Trio, Mogwai, Eddie Jobson, Barry Adamson, Steve Hillage, Jeoffrey Oryema, Justin Adams/Juldeh Camara, Rachid Taha, The Future Sound Of London, Bill Bruford Earthworks, Arto Lindsay, Marc Ribot, Richard Bona, Djivan Gasparyan, Alim Qasimov, Lenine, Delta Saxophone Quartet, Fun-Da-Mental, Kimmo Pohjonen, KTU, The Bays, Gary Lucas, Nina Nastasia, Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Hazmat Modine, Warsaw Village Band, Boris Kovac etc


VIDEO OF CHEPARUKHIN’S PROJECTS: (Creation Of Peace, Kazan, 2008, Final jam — part 1) (Creation Of Peace, Kazan, 2008, Final jam — part 2) (Children Of The Otter, Perm Premiere, 2009) (Eternal, Perm Premiere, 2009) (Steppe Scape, Perm Premiere 2014) (MonteSteppe fragment, Montenegro 2015) (MonteSteppe Final, Montenegro 2015)






Review about Dukley Music Fest in Montenegro in Songlines Magazine (London, UK). Joe Boyd is known US/London music producer (Pink Floyd, REM, Incredible String Band, Nick Drake etc)

«The evening was a triumph for Sasha; the show was beautifully put together, it ran precisely on time, the sound was excellent (all highly unusual in the Balkans) and the crowd loved it. My own experience began brightly with a serenade of local Montenegran a-capella harmonies, followed by my old favourite Inna Zhelannaya, a Russian Sandy Denny figure, whose folk-rock manages to sound modern, ancient, adventurous and conservative all at the same time. I could listen to her sing all night, but the next act was waiting in the wings. The electronic effects of Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen were followed by a collaboration with some ex-members of King Crimson, then the new stars of the ‘world music’ circuit, Dakha Brakha from the Ukraine, with their huge woolly hats and dramatic show. The climax was “Montesteppe”, a collaboration involving a rock rhythm section, a Montenegran bard with his ancient gusle, a throat-singing Tuvan and a Bashkir flautist. It was all brilliantly executed, virtuosic stuff and beautifully produced by Sasha.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert — I saw big smiles everywhere. For my part, I have seen many festivals and concerts over the decades, but I was truly impressed with the combination of creative adventure and professional execution. In the Balkans (!) — a very complicated concert running on time with seemingly effortless flow…. I was not expecting that! The MonteSteppe was so ambitious and so beautifully executed. I had always wanted to come to Perm or Kazan to experience one of Sasha’s productions, but never got there. I was knocked out by it — such a difficult thing to accomplish and to create something that made both cynical veterans like me and youthful passersby so happy»