Damir Muratov


Damir Raufovich Muratov. Born in 1967 in Tobolsk, Tyumen region. In 1998 graduated from the Arts and Graphics Faculty of the Omsk State AM Gorky Pedagogical University. (Teachers: L.P. Elfimov, M.I. Slobodin, S.K. Belov). Takes part in exhibitions since 1988.

Personal Exhibitions
1994 — Exhibition at the State Archives of the Administration of Omsk Region, Omsk.
1995 — Recital and exhibition «Siberia — Maritime Power.» Actors House, Omsk.
2004 — «Veni, Vidi … Exhibition of Damir Muratov’s Works 1988-2004″. Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts.
2009 — «Pictures for Vagrants.» State Art Museum of Altai Territory, Barnaul.
2009-2010 — «Bednotown News.» Old Town Gallery, Novosibirsk; Tomsk Regional Art Museum.
2011-2012 — «Everything Will Be Covered by Needles of Our Cedars.» White Cube Gallery, Omsk; Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex.
2012 — «How I Spent My Summer.» Boli Sher Gallery, Omsk.
«The End of Color.» X-Max Gallery, Ufa.

1988 — Exhibition of the Association of Artists «Bashnya». Actors House, Omsk.
1989 — Exhibition of the Association «Krest». Pavilion in the public garden «Flora», Omsk.
1990 – Exhibition and Opening of the Siberian Gallery of Modern Art. Pavilion in the public garden «Flora», Omsk.
1991 — «Modern Siberian Art». Warsaw Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (Poland).
1992 — «Synthesis-2». Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts.
1994 — Exhibition and Symposium «At the Turn of Epochs». City Museum «Art of Omsk».
Exhibition dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Zelenogorsk City Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk Territory.
«Omsk Artists. Visits». Museum of Fine Arts, Kurgan.
1995 — Exhibition and Symposium «War and Peace or Hell and Heaven in the Works of Artists of the Post-War Generations». City Museum «Art of Omsk».
1996 — Regional Conference and Exhibition «Man in the Space of Time». City Museum «Art of Omsk».
1998-2001 — «Object» Exhibitions. Gallery-Studio «Golden Path», Omsk.
1999 — Third International Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale «Museums of the World — at the Mira Square». Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex.
First Novosibirsk Biennale of Easel Graphics. Novosibirsk Art Gallery.
2001 — «Omsk – Dostoevsky’s Space». Artist House, Omsk.
The Second Exhibition-Competition «Post Number One». Kvadrat Art Gallery, Omsk.
2003 — «100 Artists of Siberia». Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
Art Fair «Art Manège». Artgentum Gallery. «Manezh» Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
«ARTS 2003». Exhibition Center «Sokolniki», Moscow.
«Sky of Manholes over the Chinese Fence.» Kuchum Gallery, Omsk.
2003-2007 — 7- 11th International Art Fairs «Art Moscow». Artgentum Gallery, Moscow.
2004 — «Art-Constitution». Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
Action Art «Squirrels Visit Vova». Kuchum Gallery, Omsk.
«Antiquity Through the Ages». Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts.
2006-2007 — «Be My Guest!» Exhibitions. Kvadrat Art Gallery, Omsk.
2007 — «Cross-eyed Sniper. Children’s World.» Kvadrat Art Gallery, Omsk.
Art project «New Angelarium». Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
2008 — «The Tunguska Substance». Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex.
«OceAinu, or Tracks in the Ocean.» Exhibition-Action from the series «The Gift to Museum». Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts.
2009-2012 — «Look! How We Made the Art of the 2000s». Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk; Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts; Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Tyumen Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Tomsk Regional Museum of Art, Nail Latfullin Museum of Contemporary Art, Ufa.
2011 — «Gates and Doors». The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
«Feminine, Too Feminine». RuArts Gallery of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
«Water Treatment». «Gallery L», Moscow.
«Let’s Have a Smoke». Lazarev Gallery, Moscow.
«Spying». Special project within the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. «Na Vspolny» Gallery, Moscow.
«Siberian Pantheon». Original project within the framework of the Ninth Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale «In the Depth». Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex.
2012-2013 — «United States of Siberia.» The exhibition at the White Nights Festival, Perm; Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk.

City Museum «Art of Omsk».
State Regional Art Museum «Liberov-Center», Omsk.
State Art Museum of Altai Territory, Barnaul.
Zelenogorsk Museum and Exhibition Center.
Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex.
Kurgan Regional Art Museum.
Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
Igor Markin Museum of Contemporary «Art4.ru», Moscow.
BU Kashkin Museum, Yekaterinburg.
Novokuznetsk Art Museum.
Novosibirsk State Art Museum.
Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts.
Tomsk Regional Art Museum.
Surgut Art Museum.