Dmitriy Bulnygin


Dmitry Bulnygin is from Novosibirsk, West Siberia (born 1965). He lives and works in
Moscow. Trained as an architect, he started with a practice mainly based on painting,
sculpture and installation. With the arrival of numerical medias and their accessibility, video
becomes central in his work. He explores various areas, from documentary to short
scenarios. Between reality and fiction, the medium of video in stores a dialogue between
objects, photography, installation and the urban environment.
It´s often goes through the irony of situations that a critic raises. Among the artist´s favorite
themes are nature as the opposite of non-organic structures made by human beings. The
images are exploited through various processes: narrative in sculpture, installation of a
series of films, or projections on architectures. Both in private and public spaces artist
develops large scale projections, with mapping or as a VJ. The artist’s work is also
characterized by the cooperation (or non-cooperation) of witnesses and acquaintances,
during the work process. It is here the exercise of making someone say or do something, to
deliver the message you carry.
Dmitry Bulnygin vient de Novossibirsk en Sibérie (1965), il vit et travaille aujourd’hui à
Moscou. Architecte de formation, sa pratique est dans un premier temps orientée vers la
peinture, la sculpture et l’installation. Avec l’apparition des moyens numériques et leurs
accessibilités, la vidéo devient sa pratique principale. Ses travaux touchent à différents
genres, du documentaire à la réalisation de courts scénarios. Entre réalité et fiction, le
médium vidéo dialogue avec les objets, la photographie, l’installation et l’environnement
C’est souvent par l’ironie des situations qu’apparaît une critique. Parmi les thèmes chers à
l’artiste, la nature s’oppose aux structures non-organiques construites par l’homme. Les
images sont exploitées selon des processus variés : il peut s’agir du narratif dans la sculpture,
de plusieurs films mis en espace ou de projections sur des architectures. Dans l’espace privé
ou public, D. Bulnygin développe des projections à grande échelle au moyen du mapping ou
en tant que VJ. Le travail de l’artiste est également marqué par la coopération (ou la non-
coopération) de témoins et de connaissances à la fabrication de l’œuvre. Il s’agit dans cet
exercice de faire dire ou faire faire pour arriver à dire ce qu’on voulait.

Graduated from Architectural Institute of Novosibirsk, 1990
since 1990 – freelance artist
since 1998 – video and multi media
(short film, video installation, flash animation)
1999 — 2004 – projects in collaboration with Blue Noses group
since 2000 – director of ESF (Extra Short Film festival)
since 2001 – performing as vj db
since 2004 – lives@works in Moscow
Solo shows (selected)
“Not fishes – not slaves”, Triangle gallery, Moscow
“Decorations”, DEAC, Montenegro
“Nothing is perfect”, MAMM, Moscow
“David&Co”, KOP studia, Moscow
“New works” / SCCA, Novosibirsk
“Shortest” / NCCA, Tomsk
“Exorsizm as show” / video projection on building of theatre / Kirov
“Skyscrapers – Zombies” / video projection on interior of theatre / Kostroma
“Finita dolce vita”, SCCA, Novosibirsk
«Sturm» / video projection on building / PERMM, Perm
«Nutrious mixes» / SCCA, Novosibirsk
«Attempt» / video projection on building, PERMM, Perm
«Four Ballets» / video installation, SCCA , Novosibirsk
”Hall”, video, Art-Kiev / Kiev
“Flowers”, video, Aktovy Zal (Fabrika project) / Moscow
”Behind the glass”, video installation, Aktovy Zal (Fabrika project) / Moscow
”Kolbasa”, video installation, Contemporary City Foundation / Moscow
“Supplies”, photo, Reflex gallery / Moscow
“Groove”, installation, Artist’s Space, Berlin
“Night Life”, interactive installation, Message Salon, Zurich
“dnb”, painting, City’s Museum of Fine Arts / Novosibirsk — Yekaterinburg
“Heroes are dreaming”, Gallery 2001, Sankt-Petersburg
Group shows / Festivals (selected)
“Cadavre exquis 1st screening”, collective antimovie project
“No Time”, special project 6th Moscow Biennial, Winzavod
“Pink box”, Museum for contemporary arts, Erarta, Sankt-Peterburg
«Наверху», музей Москвы
«Now&After» , международный фестиваль видео-арта, ММОМА, Москва
«Что такое наши руины?», Ateliers du Vent, Ренн / Франция
“ARTe Video Night”, Palace de Tokio, Paris
“Sunny side of Lenin street”, TMprojects, Geneva
«Parts of whole thing», Winzavod, Moscow
«Now&After», international video art festival, MMOMA, Moscow
“In absolute disorder”, Arts Santa Monica, Barselona
“ArtArbaFest”, Almaty
“The factories of imaginations”, Stantsia art-center, Kostroma
Plum fest, Art Play, Moscow
“Russian Renaissance”, BrotKunstHalle, Vienna
“Russian Cosmos”, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Turin
“Media impact”. Art Play, 3rd Moscow biennial
“Home video”, MMoMA, Moscow
«Commercial break», 54th biennial, Venice
«Fashion and style in photography», 7th international festival, Moscow
«Vive La Jeune Garde», Ateliers du Vent, Rennes/France
ARTE Video Night, FIAK, Paris
“Aesthetics vs Information”, CCA, Klaipeda
Kandinsky Prize, Moscow
1st Ural Industrial biennial, Yekaterinburg
«Russian Utopes», Garage CCC, Moscow
«Moscow-Paris», 8th photo biennial, Moscow
“6010 Film & Videofestival”, Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch / Germany
SUPERMARKET Art Fear, Stockgolm
“Ultra – New materiality”, MMoMA, 3rd Moscow biennial
VIDEOMINUTE, International festival for one-minute videos, Florence
“Absolute Creative Future”, Winzavod / Moscow
“I was Russia“, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin / New Zealand
Scope Art Fair, NY
“Invasion — Tearing away”, Red October fabric, Moscow
“Sonic Self “, Chelsea Art Museum, , NY
“Urban Jealousy”, The 1st Intl. Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Istanbul
“Sicherheit”, Content Art e.V., Berlin
“Sots Art “, La Maison Rouge, Paris
“Russia”, Art-Basel Miami Beach
“Kinoshock”, 16th Film Festival, Anapa / Russia
Media Forum in framework of MIFF, Moscow
“Abrakadabra”, 2nd international electronic festival, Moscow
“I believe”, Winzavod / Moscow
15th Film Festival “Kinoshock, Anapa / Russia
d/ART/2006 Festival, Sydney
“Russia –2”, 1st International Moscow Biennial, Moscow
51 International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen /Germany
8th International Film Festival, Zanzibar
“Kinoshock”, 14th Film Festival, Anapa / Russia
“Videologia’, International Video Festival , Volgograd / Russia
“DOKart”, International Film Festival, Neubrandenburg / Germany
“PEK”, International Film Festival, Haag
Festival Recountres Internationales Paris / Berlin
“The sneeze 80×80”, Gazon Rouge Gallery, Athens
“Faster then history”, KIASMA , Helsinki
“New Russian Video”, Art in General gallery, NY
“O.K. America!”, Apex Art gallery, NY
“Fusion”, Art Moscow
2th international DADA Festival, Zurich
MAD’03, Madrid
Festival Recountres Internationales Paris-Berlin
“Davaj!”, Postfuhram / Berlin, MAK / Vienna
“Snow girl”, Zaheta gallery / Warsaw
From/Out , Zverevsky center / Moscow
7th annual festival of experimental films, Windsor / Canada
1th International Biennial in Valencia, Valencia
1th International Tirana Biennial, Tirana
16-th International Short Film Festival, Hamburg
“Bunter hund”, Short film festival, Munich
International programs
2015 artist in residence, DEAC, Montenegro
2013 artist in residence, Ateliers du Vent, Rennes/France
2010 artist in residence, Ateliers du Vent, Rennes/France
2006 51th Flaherty seminar / Pokipsy / USA
2004 artist in residence, Couvent de Recollets / Paris
2002 art-placement program in UK (London / Britport)
Award list
2010 Short list at Kandinsky prise
2007 Media Forum in framework of MIFF, Grand — prize for “After party”
2006 15th «Kinoshock», Russia / Anapa , Prize of international jury for ‘To mascow»
2005 “Videologia’, International Video Festival , Volgograd/Russia. Grand- prize for “Vodka & Joints”
2004 Kannes Festival / Moscow , Prize jury for “Fine correction”
2004 STYK, Festival of alternative film / Moscow , Prize jury for “Baby Boom”
2003 Media Forum in framework of MIFF , Grand — prize for “Rhythms of kebab”
Public collections:
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Musem for contemporary arts Erarta, Sankt-Peterburg
Museum for Applied Arts (MAC), Vienna
Museum of Actual Art, Moscow
Musem for contemporary arts (KIASMA), Helsinki
Museum of Fine Arts, Novosibirsk