May 9, 2015, 7pm to 12:30am
Dukley Beach, Zavala Peninsula, Budva, Montenegro

Dukley Music Fest is the first large international musical event held by the European Art Community in Budva. Alexander Cheparuhin, the producer of the Fest, is again demonstrating his original mish-mash of national traditions and modern music movements that has become a brand of his fests and projects in all continents and also brought him wide recognition and professional awards.

Over five hours of the fest will be filled with original and breathtaking interpretations of the musical traditions of the peoples of Russia (the Russians, Ukrainians, Buryats, Bashkirs), Ukraine, Finland, which harmoniously blend with electronica and progressive rock-n-roll from the USA, Finland, Russia, Canada and Italy. The interaction of the unique presentation of the Montenegrin musical traditions (heroic epic of gusli player and story-teller and sacramental songs) with the most outstanding representatives of other national cultures and the stars of the western rock-n-roll and electronica, according to Cheparuhin, should be a true innovation of the Fest. The Fest will be concluded with the world premiere of the monumental international project Monte Steppe and a gala-final based on traditional Montenegrin music with all the festival musicians taking part.

Besides the unique program the Fest will have an unusual sound design, where the familiar front stereo sound will be combined with multi-channel surround sound that will immerse the majority of the listeners into unknown extravagant world of the sounds.

The participants of the Fest:

  • Daha-Braha band (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Inna Zhelannaya’s band (Moscow, Russia)
  • KTU trio (the USA – Finland) a phenomenal Finnish accordion innovator Kimmo Pohjonen with
  • American performers from King Crimson band – Trey Gunn (Warr Guitar) and Pat Mastelotto (drums, percussions, electronica).
  • Goran Vukovich (Pluzhine, Montenegro), gusli player and story-teller
  • Ethno-band “Zora” (Bar, Montenegro)
  • Angela Manukyan (“Volga” band, Moscow, Russia) – vocal
  • Radik Tyulyush (“Huun Huur Tu” band, Tuva) – vocal, overtone singing, national Tuva’s musical instruments
  • Namgar (Buryatia) – vocal, national Buryat and Mongolian musical instruments
  • Evgeniy Zolotarev (Buryatia) – national Buryat and Mongolian musical instruments
  • Robert Yuldashev (Bashkortostan) – shor (Bashkir flute)