Ekaterina Sisfontes

Еkaterina Sisfontes

Ekaterina Sisfontes

Ekaterina Sisfontes was born 1971 in Moscow, USSR. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden 1989.

She is a multidisciplinary artist with a wide range of skills. From 2005 she been working with jewelry design and even started own brand SisKa Design. Her jewelry sold at museum stores of National Museum of Sweden, British Academy of Art, North Dakota Art Museum and many more.

Begging 2010, she worked with different media and art forms in order to reach out to both audience and other artists using art as a peaceful tool of communication.

During the years, she been working with photography by using some of her pictures as part of visual installations. Those has been participating in different Biennale of Contemporary art. Her photos has been participating and winning in few photo competitions.

She have done some video-art projects that were shown all around the globe, participating in exhibitions both inside Art Museums and on the walls of houses and castles as objects of Public Art.

She also was lucky to co-produce and co-write a scene-performance that was shown to the public on a theatrical stage with her as one of two performing artists. She had a privilege to coordinate and curate the First International perform festival PER FROM in Stockholm, Sweden.

She have built quite a few sculptures in different countries exhibiting on her own or as invited artist for festivals and Biennale of Contemporary Art. By working with iron, she was able to make objects that could as well be a part of city landscape.

Plural Artist Exhibitions:
Exhibition of 6 international artists “Stalker” in Edsviks Konsthall, Stockholm,Sweden
Exhibition of selection of artists in Gallery Lyckta, Skogås, Sweden
Exhibition of Modern Jewelry in Chelyabinsk Museum of Art. Curator: E. Shipicina, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Exhibition of Modern Art in Vladimir Art Museum, Vladimir, Russia
Exhibition of Modern Jewelry in Yekaterinburg Museum of Jewelry and Stonecutting. Curator: E. Shipicina, Yekaterinburg
Participated in exhibition “ Napoleon-Media” as part of the festival “Napoleon 12” with installation “Triumph”. Curator: A. Magalashvili, St. Petersburg
Participated with a photo-project “The tales of the underground” in Public Art Festival ArtBat Fest. Curator Dmitry Pillikin, Almaty, Kazakhstan
With a photo-installation” Gestures” Participated in an international exhibition «Anonymous» in Museum of Modern art PERMM. Curator: Marat Guelman (catalog), Perm, Russia
Short-list and exhibition for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award hold in Kuryokhin Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia
A sculpture object and installation “Archetypes of subconscious” for Public Art Festival ArtBat Fest. Curator: Daria Pyrkina, Almaty, Kazakhstan
A sculpture object and installation “The sofa of psychoanalytic” in the exhibition about autism «Surface» in the exhibition center Loft. Curator: Liza Savina, St. Petersburg, Russia
Video Art installation “Telepathy” for the “Legent of Time” Project. Curator: Barbara Steiff, Sargans Schloss Switzerland
Festival «Form». Art-space Art Play. Object «Conquest», Moscow, Russia
Project “Zu-Zu “ Darwinism Museum ” curator S. Katran, Moscow, Russia
Project “High-Touch” TSI Sokol curator Olga Karyakina, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition “ Object conversation” CCi Fabrika curator S. Dzinkevich, Moscow, Russia
Video-art installation “Thelepathy” shown in Public-Art Festival “Can”, Krasnodar, Russia
Joint project with Anriy Bazyuta ”Room without numbers” at Jugooceania ArtInside Dukley Art center, Kotor Montenegro

Solo Exhibitions:
Exhibition “Body and Graphic” in Gallery Nelli Miteva, Sofia, Bulgaria
Exhibition of handmade jewellery and photo art objects “Time” in Monaco Gallery,St. Petersburg, Russia
Installation “InTime (St. Peterburg)” together with Sergey Katran held in Exhibit Centre in library of Mayakovski, curator Dmitry Pilikin, St. Petersburg,  Russia
Installation “InTime (Moscow)” together with Sergey Katran held in CTI Fabrica, curator Vitalij Patcukov, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition ”The Objectivity of an Object” in Gallery Vostok, Stockholm, Sweden

Theatre-performance “Passport” with Zurab Rtveliashvili på Teater Gilotin. Director: Tana Maneva, Stockholm, Sweden

Photo-object “Gestures” Baltic Biennale 2012, Fond Rizzordy. Curator: Dmitry Pilikin      St. Petersburg, Russia
Installation «Conquest» for Special project of the Fifth Moscow Biennale of Modern Art «Uchronia”- presented in Moscow museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
Insataltion “Wings of Dinosaurie” for Zoo Zoo Project, curator Sergey Katran, Darwins Museum, Bienale of Young Art
Photo-object “Gestures” in First Israeli Graphic Biennale curator: E.Shipicina,                    Jerusalem, Israel
Installations ”Hypercube”  and “Parallels” for 6th Moscow Biennale Spec Project “Cent of a Point Is Aside” curator: E.Shipicina, coordinator: E.Sisfontes, Moscow, Russia
Photo installation “Second” ” for 6th Moscow Biennale Spec Project “Panopticum” curator: E.Shapovalova, Moscow, Russia

Short list for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award together with Sergey Katran for Installation “InTime (St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg, Russia
Brons in  Lomonosov Award for Science in Art                        Moscow, Russia

Russian President Grant in educational purpose

Object “Time is Money” in Museum of World’s Money, Moscow, Russia
Object ”A Second” collection of GoGito Gallery of Phylosofical Faculty, Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia

Articles in reviewed Magazines:
“Method of improving the technology of filigree production” in «VĚDECKÝ POKROK NA PŘELOMU TYSYACHALETY – 2013» together with Gudelaytis A.K., Zhukova L.T

Patent Numb: 2546946  registered in Russia for discovery of a new form for filigree production

website: www.sis-ka.com
e-mail: ekaterina.sis@gmail.com