Sergey Gorshkov

Сергей Горшков

He was born in 1958 in Voronezh. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of Penza State Art School in 1977.

Selected exhibitions

2008 Opening of the gallery H.L.A.M., Voronezh

Since 2003 — the project Divnogorye. The State museum-reserve Divnogorye, Voronezh region

1999 River Don. Mitki VKHUTEMAS, St. Petersburg
1998 About Men and Women (together with I. Zatulovskaya). Mitki VKHUTEMAS, St.Petersburg

1996 Nature Study. Rose of Azor, Moscow

1995 Kulturkontakt. Horn, Austria

1994 Holzkobolde ( together with G. Litichevskiy). Foreign Art Gallery, Bonn, Germany

1993 A Personal exhibition. Mulligan Gallery, Giessen, Germany

1992 In Search of Happiness. State Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, Moscow