Jenya Tchaykovskaya


Full name: Evgenia Romanovna Tchaikovskaya
Date of birth: 23 June 1988
Nationality: Ukraine
Address: pr. Myra, 13 B, apt. 22, Kiev, Ukraine, 02105
Telephone (mobile): (+38) 0500851392

2010-2012 National Academy of Arts and Architecture. Graphic Department.
Degree: Master. Qualifications: graphic artist, researcher, teacher.
2006-2010 National Academy f Arts and Architecture. Graphic Department.
Degree: Bachelor.
2001-2006 Higher College of Arts Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts.
Faculty of Fine Arts.
1994-2001 High School № 167 them. Ernst Thalmann. Foreign languages.

2014 «ProjectHouse». Urban space. Skvoting. Berlin , Potsdam .
2013-2014 Course by TanzLaboratorium.
2013 School of Visual Communication, course «Contemporary Art»
2011 Courses of performance «PERFORMATIVITY», conducted by Vera Priklonskaya, Taras Burnashev and Larissa Venediktova.
2010 «Tuesday in Karas Gallery»
2009 Workshops of Chromatics and Contemplative Paintings, school of Rudolf Steiner, conducted by Anastasia Boronina.
2006 Courses in painting and drawing by Michael Shapovalenko.
2006 Workshops of Japanese calligraphy.
2005 Courses in drawning by Anatoliy Tverdy.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere


2014 «ProjectHouse». Urban space . Skvoting . Society. Germany. Berlin, Potsdam .
2013 Residence «ArtBunker». Ukraine.
2013 project, residence in Sweden.

2015 Biennale of contemporary art. The School of Kyiv. Photo.
2015 Audio-visual improvisation on Gogolfest . YXO.
2015 Kyiv Biennial 2015, photo.
2015 installation on the exhibition «Ukrainian Cosmos». Kyiv
2015 video, show in EKRAN OTWARTY Kino.Lab Warsaw .
2015 video » Обывать / Inhabit » show in artklube Сloser
2014 Temporaryexhibition. gallery Uzhgorod videoproject ”Timeline“ together with Alina Iakubenko.
2014 Group Exhibition » Voyna.Ona .» Kharkiv
2014 Video-art with a musical ensemble. » Pythian Games » . St. Petersburg . Russia
2014 Group Exhibition, «Karas» gallery. «Artists paint. A4 Ballpoint Pen.» Kiev, Ukraine.
2014 Group Exhibition from the School of Visual Communication at the Museum of Taras Shevchenko.
2013 Collaborative exhibition ”Timeline“ together with UBIC, Lab-Garage gallery,
2012 Group Exhibition, «Karas» gallery. «Artists paint. A4 Ballpoint Pen.» Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 Visual live improvisation on the overhead together with music by Heinali.
2012 Audio-visual project «Transit 2.» Working together with the composer Anna Korsun «Undersurface». Kiev, Lviv.Ukraina. Video.
2012 Exhibition «Topological Relations», Seating yard , Kiev, Ukraine. Graphics, installation.
2011 Installation of the concert Ensemble Nostri Temporis in the hall Art Academy. Kiev, Ukraine.
2011 Set and installation for the concert Ensemble Nostri Temporis in the educational center «Master Class.» Kiev, Uraina.
2010 Group Exhibition «The image of Death in art.» Fund Mikhail Shemyakin. St. Petersburg, Russia. Paintings, drawings.
2009 «Artists paint. A4 ballpoint pen «, “Karas» gallery. Group exhibition. Kiev, Ukraine.