Katya Florenskaya | MONTENEGRO STAMPS

The «MONTENEGRO STAMPS» exhibition is a fragment of my long-time project «PHILATELY».

«PHILATELY» project is a series of various-sized paintings made in various countries during several years. Each painting depicts a postage stamp or a sheet of stamps.

The «MONTENEGRO STAMPS» exhibition consists of paintings made in Montenegro in Dukley Art Residence. All stamps are absolutely imaginary and are not based on real postage stamps of Montenegro. Iy is my personal view of what subjects (in nature, history, geography, architecture, litearture) would appear on real local stamps if it was up to me to choose the subject.  

A postage stamp is a replicated object (usually a sheet of stamps consists of multiple stamps with the same image). In painting one can not achieve ideal replication, so when I paint the same stamp multiple times, each image is slightly different from the others. This combination of almost-but-not-exactly-identical images – is one of the basic methods in my «PHILATELY» project. This Warhol-like repetition of the same subject really appeals to me. Sometimes the stamps are repeated on the same canvas (in this case the painting depicts a sheet of stamps of its fragment), sometimes there are separate canvases depicting individual stamps. In the «MONTENEGRO STAMPS» project each painting exists in two copies (there would be ten to twenty if I had eternity ahead of me).

By the way, I have no idea what real Montenegrin postage stamps look like. Perhaps, some subjects coincide?


Katya Florenskaya