Mikhail Kosolapov | Balkanautica

Mikhail Kosolapov , «Balkanavtika» (Balkan  astronautics)  The project of the monument to the first Montenegrin astronaut . A flying sculpture (office equipment, buttons, fishing line, video, soundtracks) Soundtrack-Andrey Suchilin (mix of recordings of radio telescopes and Balkan rhythms) video-Mikhail Kosolapov, Andrey Bazyuta

Why do we strive for the stars so much? What are we not satisfied with in the change of night and day, summer and winter, of birth and death? Why are we bored with the cycles of global warming and ice ages? Who put us in the cage of Mendeleev table and chained us to the surface of the flattened globe with the law of gravitation?

What will we take to other planets? Will we surpass over our provincial petty quarrels or having loaded the ships (built in the image and likeness of office buildings with a closed cycle of life support) with prejudices of the century, we will carry petty worldly ideas about the world, about good and evil, about the purpose and sense to stars? Montenegrin people are laid-back. Maybe that is why they do not especially hurry to the space. In addition, the sky in Montenegro is so close that it seems that you can touch the stars.

Many peoples have already sent their representatives to the orbit — rode them on the «Shuttles» or «Soyuzes» for the sake of appearance, for prestige, for political reasons. Montenegrins are not like those people. They did not jump into starting Russian or American missiles. Why should they hurry? In the morning, little by little, when the time comes, when the waiting is over, when it is necessary, they will gather their family, friends and neighbors together and make the spaceship from scrap materials and, after drinking raki for the road, they will send their first astronaut to the stars. Let him look with his own eyes how people live on other planets. Let him know what they think about and interested in. Then he will come back and tell everyone how the space is arranged. Just see to it that he wears a decent suit and tie, clothes count for first impressions.