Mikhail Pavlukevich / Olga Subotina — Place for Bathing

It is very interesting to watch people who are in water, when suddenly the fragments of bodies, body parts and they begin to live their lives, transforming strangely, creating new connections and special space in which every person is different, but his image is filled with new context. It was very important to maintain faithfulness of these images. Observation of the bathers was transformed into graphic images, then in the material. Natural material — white coarse calico with cotton batting lined with black fabric, stitched with a thick thread, creates a wrinkled, uneven surface, similar in feeling to the relief of Montenegro, combining both warmth and rudeness, and ancient memory, and each figure resembles an island on its coast. One figure calls to another, there appears a community of reliefs and the atmosphere of the beach and coastline, and instead of the sea is the black wall to which the elements are pinned, the synthesis of spaces and elements in which we are often unaware of this, it is A PLACE FOR BATHING.
It is expected to exhibit two more works that have appeared spontaneously, parallel to working on «BATHERS», as a part of this project.
«FIG LEAF» is a textile composition associated with a topical issue for Montenegro (as an environmentally friendly state and «paradise» for tourists), namely the problem of purifying the environment. All kinds of wastes are often tucked behind a clean housefront, beautiful bushes, etc. We have an ambiguous saying: “As pure as in Paradise».
«SEQUENCES» are compositions, created on the base of repetition of one graphic image, on the base of real observations and sketches of ships in the Bay of Kotor by sliding and overlay of layers in a computer program and printing on wooden boards in the workshop of Anatoliy Vinter. The search for a melodic phrase gives birth to a plastic timeless image.
sequentia — a sequence in a technique of musical composition — a method which implies consecutive repetition of this melodic phrase or a harmonious turn at other pitch.
All these works are connected in one way or another with the image of place – a place for bathing.