Misha Most


1981 -born in Moscow
1997 Started writing graffiti
— ‘Zachem’
— Exhibition of current art ‘Galery on Soljanka’
— «NoFutureForever»
— «Graffiti festival at art-center Winzavod» 3 days jam-exhibition
-«Street art at Tretjakov gallery» festival exhibition
-«Art-Shargorod» 10day festival. Ukraine.
-MoscowMuseumOfModernArts «The future depends on you» collection of Piere Christiam Brochet
— opening of «Art4ru» museum .
-«Arch-Shargorod» 12 day Architctural festival. Ukraine
-«Graffiti at Praktika» Praktika theater, photography and canvases.
-«No Future For..» Solo exhibition. Globus Gallery. Saint petersburg.
-«Pereuchet». Third «Session of young art” at «Manez», Saint-Petersburg
— «Death in Art», Rostov na Donu
— «Gop-Art». 1st Moscow International Biennale for Young Art «Qui Vive?»
— Festival of contemporary art Art-Veretievo. Veretivo Mansion.
-«Young gallerist / Young collectors». pop/off/art gallery.Moscow
-“Russian Street Art is Dead”. Mars Gallery
— Kandinskiy Prize. Nominee in “young artist”. Exhibition at Central House of Artists
-“Invasion:Evasion” Young Russian artists.by BaibakovArtProjects. Red October Factory
-«Rage» Globus gallery. St-Petresburg
-«the walls» LabGarage. Kiev
— «The conquered City» Regina gallery
— «The City of Conquerors» Gallery Victoria, Samara
— «ArtSputnik». Tsum, Moscow
— «the News», Solo exhibition. KichikalArt. Baku (Azerbaijan)
— «Gop-Art», at “Live Perm” festival. Perm
— «WC» non commercial project inside CosMoscow art fair
— «maximumshortly» Contemporary Art Museum. Perm
-«Svobodi» Spacio Corbonesi, Bologna, Italy
-Zapovednik Art-space. St.Petersburg
-«Well Hung». Chelsea Chapters (Armory.Show) New York, USA.
-«Odyssey 2011» Art Arsenal, Kiev Ukraine.
-«Test Alarm» ViennArt Fair. Vienna, Austria
-«ONOFF project» 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
-«PLA.NET». сollaboration with Mark Gmehling. Dortmund, Germany.
-«Plans de Metro» Galerie MathGoth. Paris, France.
-«Angry Birds». Museum of Moder Art Warsaw. Poland
-«50×50» Galerie Mathgoth. Paris, France
— Strategic Project of 3d Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
— «16th line.» Street Art festival. Rostov on Don. Russia
— «PLA.NET» Russian-German music+art project. Cultural center ZIL. Moscow.
— «Forma» Multimedia art festival, park of Bauman. Moscow
— 1 month residence with IAAB. Basel, Switzerland.
— Exhibition project in turms of «Culturescapes Moscow-Basel» cultural exchange festival at Oslo-10, Basel, Switzerland
— «Reload» young russian artists, Red October Gallery. Moscow
-«Heavy Metal» curated by Regina galery. Winzavod. 5th Moscow Biennale, special project.
-«3 days in october(1993)» Historical Memorial Museum “Presnya”
-«Transit Zone» Perm Museum of Contemporary Art
-«Urbanism , the city in my head» Museum of Moscow
-«1 Format», Artplay
— Mural at «Mikser» festival. Belgrade, Serbia.
-«Not a museum» group show, Manifesta 10, parallel program, St.Petersburg.
-«A reason for peace. Cacus Pasis» Street Art Museum, Manifesta 10, St.P.
-«WARNING» Solo exhibition, Lazarides Art Gallery, London.
-«Visual library» ArtBat biennale, Alma-Ty, Kazakhstan.
-«Artmossphere» Street Art Biennale, Art play, Moscow.
-«Russian Performance: A Cartography of its History» Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
-«East Street / West Street» Lollipop Gallery. London
-«D.O.C.A» festival, Moscow
-«Remember tomorrow», Museum of Street-art, Saint-Petersburg.
-«Dom Revolucije Project», residence/exhibition. Montenegro.
-«ArtBat Fest», city mural in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
-«Urban Dawn», Villa del Fiori, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
-«Result/Art», neon art project, Nizhnii Novgorod, Ekaterinburg.