Open Sky Montenegro

Open Sky


International Street Theater Festival

Come out and play!

May 20-24, 2015

May 20th through 24th, for the first time Montenegro will host International Street Theater Festival “Open Sky”. The capital of the festival is going to be in Budva, which will hold major events of the “Open Sky”.

The purpose of this project is to popularize and develop the street theater art in Montenegro, to encourage and enhance the skills of local creativity groups. The unique features of the festival will be democracy, absence of competition and a maximum of emphasis to the audience.

Plays and performances by Russian and European street theaters and actors will constitute a major part of the festival. Every day one of the three sites of the festival will present a new play.

The festival is also going to hold a theatrical laboratory. Acknowledged masters of street theater will teach workshops for the students of the Dramatic Arts Faculty of the Montenegro University and creative youth. The outcome of it will be demonstrated in combined performances by the professional street theaters and the workshops participants.

“Come out and play” program will provide all the participants with a chance to express their creative potential, and will include improvised presentations by artists, local creative groups and street musicians.

The festival will also host children’s theatrical workshops, facilitated by the creators of the “Market” (Bazar) project, which has already been held in Budva.

The festival will open with a participants’ procession, a parade of the street theaters and artists from different countries. The grand finale of the festival will become the headliners performance by the French theater “La Compagnie Transe Express” on the main square and the great fireworks display “A true show” by the “People of Fire” (Moscow).

The participants and hosts of the festival:

The general sponsor of the festival is the Dukley Company

The general host is the creative institution Dukley European Art Community

Art director is Yuriy Mooravitskiy
Theater producer, laureate of Russian national theater award “The Golden Mask”, art-director of the International street theater festival “Open Sky” as of 2007, chief stage-director of the annual street arts and creativity festival “Bright People” (Moscow) as of 2012, chief stage-director of the street theater festival “Golden Carrousel 2014” (Kolomna), curator of the project “Living Space” of the theater schooling-festival “The Space” (Moscow).


One Man Band, Bernard Snyder from Germany, facilitator of a few major European street arts festivals.

Loco Brusco (Spain), the psyche-clown, specially geared to street performance. Humor is the major tool, which helped Loco Brusco to find his own style.

Theater “Travelling Puppets of Master Pezho” (Saint-Petersburg), a theater of carnival culture, masks, grotesques, and buffoonery.

“Ljud” theater, performers from Slovenia.

“Vysokiye bratia & Tall Brothers” theater (Moscow), a team of circus and drama actors, standing participants of international street theaters festivals. The repertoire of the theater has everything – from the soft core improvisations to the street processions and carnivals.

“Ognennie Ludi” theater (Mocsow), a workshop of street performance, masters of fiery style.

Festival headliners:

“La Compagnie Transe Express”, a street theater, founded in 1982 by Bridget Burdin and Zhilem Rod, a mix of circus performances, acrobatics, percussion instruments, flexible miniatures, contemporary and classic dance.

“Compagnie Des Quidams”, French street actors, who work with light special effects.