Semyon Faibisovich / EYEPRINTS


The exhibition presents photo and painting. If the photos are prints by definition, artistic project «Residual Vision» is about the real-world imprints on the underside of the eyelids when we close our eyes before glancing at something bright or contrasting. All the ideas originated in Montenegro offhand, so they are also «images of the place», imprinted in the mind. 

I always avoided combining photo and painting in one exposure, but in this case I wanted to reveal a well-felt internal conceptual affinity of all ventures. Two out of five photo series, «Foam» and «Stones of Budva» are real scenes, but look almost pointless. Two night ones: «And a ship stands» and «Odyssey» look like ghosts of the real world. In addition, a distinct grain of «bad print» implements images in divisionists’ manner, making their affinity with painting more apparent. A series of «Views from the Window» almost pretends to be painting: the plots are treated with Photoshop filters, creating the appearance of oil painting, printed on canvas and stretched on a stretcher.

Although they seem abstractions, six out the nine canvases of painting, «Residual Vision» project, are real original types and three form a triptych «Potpourri», which is very abstract, not connected with any specific scene. That is, formally, these images are not imprints, but they are «generalized image» of residual vision: mysterious, shimmering, moving world, imbued with the light coming at the viewer from the depth of scenic space.