Shuruq Agbaria & Shirley Siegal | Small Peace

Shuruq Agbaria & Shirley Siegal “Small Peace”


Shuruq Agbaria (Arab) and Shirley Siegal (Jewish) are women artists from Israel.

As women, artists, and mothers they felt an immediate bonding and decided to create a combined art exhibition showing their impressions of their time in Montenegro.

Working in the same studio facing the Kotor Bay, each expresses her thoughts and emotions in her artworks.


Shirley Siegal paints portraits in oils, watercolor and acrylic on stone.

During her time here she created a graphic journal of her experiences in pen and watercolor.

This includes sketches of the breakfast in her hotel, the view from her studio window and portraits of the people surrounding her including herself.


Shuruq Agbaria translates the beauty of the landscape into streaming lines and vibrant colors.

She uses layering of colors to express depth and space. Her colors create harmony and also contrast.

Here she presents a combination of two cultures: a cactus representing the artist herself, attached to her homeland, yet a plant that can grow anywhere in the world.


Shuruq and Shirley feel that their co-operation in this project is a small step towards bringing their two nations together.