Michail Talalay

Михаил Талалай

Michail Talalay

Short Biography

Born in 1956 in Leningrad. Orthodox writer, ethnographer and traveler. Michael G. Talalay gained fame in the late eighties as the most significant specialist in St. Petersburg toponymy.


In this capacity, he advised a group of «Salvation» and other social movements opposing the «Bulldozer reconstruction» of the historic city center, started by the then authorities. After 1990, when the government changed, Talalay became a member of the city committee of toponymy. It was on the basis of its development was carried out first, most significant campaign for the return of Peter pre-Soviet names.
Since 1993 he lives in Italy, now in the city of Naples. Over the years, commissioned by four major specialized Italian publishers of his works were translated into Russian dozens of tourist guides to the cities of Italy and Europe. It will focus its research efforts on the topic «Russian presence in Italy.» He engaged in studies on the Russian emigration to Italy, the history of the Orthodox Church in Italy, the Russian cemetery in the country, etc. Candidate of Historical Sciences, defended his thesis on «The Russian Church in Italy» in the Institute of World History
In the years 1994-2000. Secretary of the Parish Council of the Russian Church in Florence. Secretary of the community in the name of St. Andrew the Apostle (Moscow Patriarchate).
Author of numerous articles in the Russian and Italian periodicals. He traveled a lot, impressions from trips become the material for his journalistic work — in Russian newspapers and «Radio Liberty». He published several books, translated into Spanish Russian fairy tale …
Author of website Russian Orthodoxy in Italy.

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