Tanya Antoshina


Is a multimedia artist. She holds her PhD in fine art from Industrial Academy (Stroganovskoe), Moscow.


Her work has been exhibited at:

56 Venice biennale, State pavilion of Mauritius, 2015
MUMOK, Vienna, “Gender Check”, 2012
Moderna Muzeet, Stockholm, “After the wall”, 2010
Nationalgalerie Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, “After the wall”, 2011
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, “After the wall”, 2011
Chelsea Art Museum, Moscow — NY = Parallel Play NY, 2008
Corcoran Art Museum, SIGHT/INSIGHT, Washington DC, 2006
Royal Academy, London, “Photo London”, 2005
Participant of more than 200 exhibitions of contemporary art, including museum and international



2015 — resident artist at Dukley European Art Community, Montenegro
2013 – resident artist at Kriti, Varanasi, India
2012 – resident artist at Mariposa, Canary Islands, Spain
2005 – resident artist at Art Omi, NY, USA
2001 – resident artist at Yaddo, NY, USA


Collections at museums:

Moscow State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
The National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA), Moscow
Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
Corcoran Art Museum, Washington DC
The American University Museum, Washington DC
Omi International Arts Center collection, New York
Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples
Olympic Fine Arts Museum, Beijing
Penang State Art Museum, Penang, Malaysia
Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Arts, Moscow
Perm Museum of Contemporary Art,
Krasnoyarsk Cultural Historical Museum complex, Krasnoyarsk

as well as:

Asia-Pacific Institute of Art & Research, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
The Francis J. Greenburger collection, New York
Kolodzey art Foundation, New York
Tony Podesta collection, Washington DC
The Sir Elton John Collection, London
and others


Honors and Awards:

2008 Olympic Art (gold medal), Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing;

2008 “Five Rings Prize”, Landscape Sculpture Design Contest,


2006 “Magmart” (prizewinner), Naples, Italy;

2003 “Silver camera” (prizewinner), The Museum Moscow House of

Photography, Moscow;

2002 “Silver camera” (prizewinner), The Museum Moscow House of

Photography, Moscow;

2001 “Art Photo, Modern Russia” photography contest (prizewinner),

Photography center, Gogolevsky boulevard, Moscow;

1989 Best report award, theoretical conference of post-graduates and

teaches of Moscow Art and Industry Academy (formerly Stroganov Art


1985 Silver medal at V.D.N.H. (the Exhibition of People’s

Achievements in Economy) of the USSR, Culture pavilion;

1984 Best teacher award from the Art Academy Krasnoyarsk.


Curator’s projects:

2015 — The “Quest of Power”, A3 Gallery, Moscow

2014   “Terra Incognita”, expedition to South Siberia for collection of

ethnic and cultural material;

2012    “V-5, Space as a Presence”, together with A.Galenz and

G.Kuznetsov, Berlin;

2011    “Sons of the big dipper”, together with G.Kuznetsov, PROEKT

FABRIKA, Moscow;

1992    “Two Museums”, together with G.Vysheslavsky, Champino,

Velletri, Italy;



2014      “Garden Flame” conference in frame of exhibition, Women’s

festival within Gwangju Biennale, South Korea;

“Gender. Policy. Political culture: gender relations and gender

systems in the past and present”, VII International Scientific

Conference RAIZHI in RGU name S.A. Esenin Ryazan, Russia;

2013      Gender Experimental School in the Park “Muzeon”, Moscow;

MORE LIGHT ON 8 MARCH Panel Discussion within 5-th Moscow

Biennale of Contemporary Art, Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”,


Moscow Trials” joint project of International Institute of Political

Murder, Sakharov Center and the Weimar National Theatre, Moscow.

2012       “Art and Gender”, Femme fest women’s festival Art Play,


POWER AND DISSENT Szenischer Kongress, Deutsches

Nationaltheater Weimar / e- werk, Weimar, Germany;

2011      “Gender Check”, conference in frame of exhibition, MUMOK,


2010      “ŽEN d’ART. Gender History of Art in the post-Soviet space:

1989-2009”, conference in frame of exhibition MMOMA, Moscow;


PROJECT AS A FUTURE” The Moscow Museum of Modern Art,

Moscow Master class “Museum of Women”;

2002       Conference “Women in Visual Culture: The problem of

creativity and authorship” of the Russian State Humanitarian

University (308 audience), Moscow



2013      The 1-st Changzhou China International Art Workshop and

Festival Hua xia Baosheng Park Museum, Changzhou, China;


Arts Center of Jeonllabuk-do, Wanju Art Center, International Beukam

Art Museum, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea;

Born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Lives in Moscow