Tatiana Antoshina | MUSEUM OF A WOMAN

Museum of a woman Tatyana Antoshina This project is a peculiar presentation of the real Museum of Feministic and Women’s Art – four variants of women’s museum in Montenegro: Museum about women, Museum for women, Museum made by women, Feministic museum. My works illustrate the following basic concepts.
Museum about women It tells about extraordinary women that influenced a course of history and civilization development. This is the world of women, the kingdom of the amazons. The task of the museum is to increase women’s self-awareness. The series of portraits on canvas “The city of women” is exhibited here.

Feministic museum It challenges women to fight for gender equality and encourages them to help those that are oppressed and exploited. The gender fight, feministic discourse and radical art expressions are in the center of attention. It tells about female feminist painters. My sculpture project “Iskra” is exhibited here as a sample for now.

Museum for a woman Here everything corresponds with woman’s interests and tastes; the world is presented from her point of view. A game of switching gender roles helps every woman to think on what she really wants and what is imposed on her as a stereotype. There are men here, but they play secondary role, role of dummies, observation objects. Women rule. Photo series “Museum of a woman”.
Museum created by women This is a laboratory where new world is being created, a world without wars and violence, a world based on mutual understanding, cooperation and humanism. Civilization must move to a new life stage, and woman will play the leading role in this process. Well-known female feminist painters, ideological leaders of gender movement, other female and male painters and everyone who supports us are invited to participate. Already now we have with us painters from DEAC residency. Installation “Dinner party. Montenegro” symbolizes our cooperation.

Museum is becoming a center where a new style of life begins, a school of awareness where human learns to live in unity with nature and internal wholeness.

Podgorica Museums & Galleries, Gallery Art, Republic square 1, Podgorica, Montenegro