Valeriy Kazas | Minimal invasion

I have seen my task in this case as something like to create a number of objects, particularly likely to confront very close and pretty uniform space, but at the same time not to disrupt large-scale correlations. I was thinking of a purely abstract sculpture without any explicit content, explicit meanings and with a minimum of associative references. Some names are chosen primarily for convenience of work and simplification for some unprepared viewer, which has actually taken place.

The work resulted in the creation of space, pretty densely filled with sculpture, like a gallery space, where the works are usually located at not very long distances. Both the series, two of them were created, and unrelated works.

The color has been used in very large quantities, making the most of the items very active points, confidently asserting themselves amid extremely lush vegetation. In the same way color has transformed a pretty massive amount of steel into something totally unserious and very attractive for children, which I find extremely useful.

In some of the works I have used minimalism as a material, as a topic of conversation, but in any case not as a personal achievement. Although it is worth mentioning that the majority of people living in DukleyGarden are my compatriots and they look at the sculpture of this kind with an inapt eye, which made them perceive my work as nonsense in some cases. I believe it is positive, as information got to the right place.

Actually, the works in this part of the project were carried out for reasons of possible minimum action, without the use of lengthy technological processes, which is quite common in sculpture. All the objects were fairly simple to manufacture. I regard the ease of manufacture as one of the methods of work; moreover I have taken some steps in this direction, the result of which should appear in the following spaces of Dukley Garden.