Vladimir Kozin / Mournful Slavic Baroque

This project presents a series of 10 sculptural objects in the form of altars, temples and credence tables.

The work has a reference to the painting «The Apotheosis of War» by a battle painter V. V. Vereshchagin, where a pyramid of human skulls is depicted on the background of a dull landscape and a murder of ravens and to the known performance by Marina Obramovich «Slavic Baroque», where she washes bones until they get white.

The need for the creation of this series was connected with my personal feelings and experiences of the events that are happening now in Russia. Those are military actions in fraternal Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea, the search for some abstract «spiritual crypt» and complete neglect of the value of human life by the authorities.

The series has something to do with traditional altars that exist in the Christian world. However, the forms of these altars and temples are the fruit of the author’s imagination on the topics of joint common history, our past, present and possible future. A conventional modulus of a human skull in my performance is something derived from a garden birdhouse. With Suprematist elements of the signs: a square – a triangle – a circle.

The works have been made from local ecological materials: plywood, lumber, stearin candles, using a handsaw and jigsaw.


The titles of the works:

  1. The Temple in the Form of a Vertical Column.
  2. The Corner Temple of Ancestors.
  3. Sacrifice.
  4. The Credence Table.
  5. The Altar of a Builder of Communism.
  6. The Altar of an Innocent Convict Perished in Prison.
  7. The Altar of the Supreme Ruler.
  8. The Altar of a Victim of Religious Wars.
  9. The Altar of a Soldier Who Is Not Killed Yet.
  10. The Altar of Hope for a Bright Future.


«Personal Belongings of Joseph the Carpenter.”

With this small series consisting of 7 pieces, the tools from the everyday life of a carpenter, I wanted to pay tribute and speak well of Joseph the Carpenter, the man who was told not to touch his wife Mary and to name her son Jesus.