An exhibition-installation entitled «Waterline» is assembled from a collection of works united by a common idea of synergy aesthetics. I wanted to create the atmosphere in which you can see and feel different boundary conditions: a blend of elements, fractal self-similarity of micro and macro, textural entropy, seemingly designed to destroy, but inevitably bringing beauty, more than just to create an exposition.

Canvas, paints, polymers, wood, metal, concrete and plastic are transformed not only in paintings and photographs, but in glowing sculptures-electroplants, minimalistic transformable optical sculptures in the windows and pieces of furniture. These abstract and functional objects of art, together with internal and external space, form a symbiotic, synthetic art body.

Basically all of the works of the collection were created by hand, for example, a series of paintings and objects «Mala Kyha», the main element of which is a small Montenegrin house, but there are works created with ultramodern equipment, for instance, a photo series under the same title «Waterline», made in Boka Kotorska Bay, is made in the technique of printing on wood.

In addition to high-tech materials and technologies that I use in my hand-made work, here, in Montenegro, I wanted to use a local, simple, «random» material: a trunk of a dry tree, cut down in the yard of the artist’s house, was used together with an old four-meter board and steel framework, which I also used to make sculptures.

I was inspired by a dancing sun over the honey fruit of a fig tree on the bank of the ancient canal and equally delicious, thick, pure, salty sea water, a sudden, gusty wind, a yacht, cats and of course, the mountains, shaping a unique skyline, over which sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful.