Yuri Gordon

Юрий Гордон

Yuri Gordon

artist, designer, typographer


Yuri Gordon was born in 1958 in Moscow.
He is a book artist by training, as he holds a degree of a Moscow graphic printing  institute (nowadays — Moscow State University of Printing Arts).
He is an author of around 10000 illustrations.
He has been an art director of quite a few magazines, Sesame Street Russia among them.

Yuri Gordon is one of the most renowned type designers in Russia. He is an author of the designer’s bestseller — the monumental «An Aa to Zz book of letters» book, a very detailed plastic anatomy of the cyrillic alphabet. He has won a long list of awards, including TDC award (New York) for the best cyrilliс typeface.
He is an author of more than 400 typefaces. Yuri works with almost all russian
imprints of the world magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, The Rolling Stones, Esquire, Empire, Interni and many others.
Yuri was an analyst in the spearhead of leading russian designers, that suggested the current sign of rubble to the Central bank of Russia and factually forced it to be accepted.

He is a co-owner and an executive director of the one of the oldest russian design studios — Letterhead studios. Letterhead is a permanent partner of Marat Guelman’s projects, starting with an  «Unofficial Moscow» in 1989. These was followed by «An unofficial capital» (St.
Petersburg), «A cultural hero», «Perm alive» and «White nights in Perm». Right now the Gordon’s studio is in charge for the Montenegro’s DEAC project. In last decade Yuri Gordon finds himself very often as a free artist, the master of the
type arts, the visual poet. His literary maps of Moscow and St. Petersburg has become cult objects in the both capital’s intellectual community. On the same type base as the maps he has created an impressive macrotypographic object — a 70- meter long map of the Montenegro’s coast in a pedestrian underpass in Budva (2015, executed by a famous street artist Michael Oger). Just recently Yury
published the art-map of the whole Montenegro. For the Recycling Religion exhibition Yuri designed a logo and the objects of visual communication.