Living Town

Project “Living town” is actually a conversation that Old Town Budva leads with its guests. Program of the project will be implemented during the whole year, and the walls of the old town will become scenery for the performances and concerts.

Program will start in May with the several projects, which will set example of what we would like to do in the future. The residents and guests of Budva will have an opportunity to enjoy a tremendous one hour visual installation by Andrey Bazyuta, that will bring to life unique architecture of old town and project the stories related to Montenegro. It will transform the old tower into well-known architectural sites, like Big Ben in London, the Tower of Pisa, a tube in Istanbul and others, all of that for the purpose of showing that Montenegro is an inherent part of the world culture. A spectator becomes participant of the visual performance since one can directly interact with the content. The installation’s movement depends on the voices and a number of people that are present at the square at the moment. Different projections will transform the flat walls on the tower into the leaning wall, liquid object or transparent structure.

A sound performance «Simfoniya gudkov» is a utopian project from the Constructionism era. The symphony is a combination of factory, locomotive and automobile sirens, artillery, aviation, machineguns, church bells, wind orchestras, choirs and a musical instrument that was specially designed and created in the 20th of the last century by a composer and music eccentric Arseniy Avraamov. The reconstruction of this piece was made in 2009 by a Saint-Petersburg composer and researcher of Avraamov’s work Sergey Hismatov. «Simfoniya gudkov» is a presentation of the composer’s huge project. In the future together with Montenegrin musicians he will create musical compositions for every square of the Old Town.

We are used to the amateurs drawing their pictures in the streets, and the real artists working in the studios and exhibiting their work in the art-galleries. The art-group “Novi Barbizon” consists of serious artists that came out into the city streets to create its history right in the eyes of the audience. Zoya Cherkasskaya that has founded the group in 2009 relates the name of the group to the French Barbizon school, where for the first time, a group of realist painters went out of their studios to work in the outdoor. We have done something similar, only our models are not outdoor scenes but the city space with its social context.